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Left Brain Silo

January 6th, 2013

I’ve been blogging for years, and in that time I’ve tried to shoehorn all the things I’m interested in into the same site, which turns out to be like packing a wild hyena and a honey badger into the same giant ziploc bag. It sounds exciting, but it just ends up smelling bad after the flailing stops.

I have a few wide areas of interest.

The areas that’s gotten the most airtime in my writing is psychology and productivity. I write mostly about that on my blog at, and it’s one of my longest running and most popular blogs.

Another major area of interest for me is art. I showcase some of my artwork at

The last area I’ll bloviate about is technical. I am a software developer and occasional math geek. I’ve never had a dedicated outlet to talk about my work since I’ve been busy, well, working. But now I want to. I have a few interesting things to share, and talking about them on a psychology blog won’t really do it. So here I am.

I like having my silos of thought because although they mix freely in my skull, talking about All The Things™ on one site is a great way to confuse and alienate readers. I’d prefer to confuse and alienate readers one topic at a time.

Now I can. Watch out.