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Rails Girls

February 9th, 2013

Rails Girls is simple. Tech needs more women, so the organizers of RailsGirls put 40 interested women and girls in a room for the day, and took them from nothing to a complete Rails application (with picture uploads!).

I had the pleasure of being able to just show up and coach all the students for the day, and I’m definitely coming back for the next time.

It’s an awesome program, and it can only get better as today was the first run, and we learned a lot.

RailsGirls Hugs

If you’re a Rails dev in Austin, check out the site or follow @RailsGirlsATX to find out when you can help out. If you’re not in Austin, check out for information about finding or starting a local chapter.

Bonus: I’ll paypal $5 to the first person who can spot me in the picture above. It’s tricky, but enough of me is visible to figure it out. Big money on the line, don’t choke.