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Wordpress to Jekyll Converter

September 7th, 2013

I’m going through the process of converting all my WordPress sites to Jekyll. Jekyll makes it easy to convert by providing import scripts from various platforms including Wordpress.

All I had to do was Export the xml file from the Wordpress admin panel, then run the Wordpress importer.

That’s great except the resulting files are HTML files, not markdown. And the text is not hard wrapped, which is fine if you’re using a program with soft wraps, but I don’t like my IDE softwrapping, so I want to insert hard breaks at a certain column width.

To fix the problems, I created a throwaway script. Drop this into the the root of your Jekyll site, then run it from the command line.

See the Gist

require 'html2markdown' #gem install html2markdown

dirs = %w(_pages _posts)

class String
  def word_wrap(line_width = 120)
    self.split("\n").collect do |line|
      line.length > line_width ? line.gsub(/(.{1,#{line_width}})(\s+|$)/, "\\1\n").strip : line
    end * "\n"

def md(file_name)
  file_name.chomp(File.extname(file_name)) + '.md'

dirs.each do |dir| do |d_handle|
    d_handle.reject{ |f| f == '.' || f == '..' }.each do |file_name|

      content = =>"#{dir}/#{file_name}"))
      File.write("#{dir}/#{md(file_name)}", content.markdown.word_wrap)